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Mini CheeR

Ages 4-6

Mini Cheer classes are designed to introduce Competition/All-Star style cheer to our youngest cheerleaders.  This 45 minute class introduces skills in a fun and safe way.  These mini cheerleaders learn arm positions, jumps, beginning tumbling, dance and age appropriate Level 1 stunting.

Recreational Cheer

Ages 7+

Our recreational cheer class teaches the more mature athletes the basics of Competition/All-Star Cheer.  This class is very individualized.  Each student will be taught skills at their own level and then learn to use those skills in a group setting.  Arm positions, flexibility, strength, jumps, tumbling and stunting taught in this class are the foundations needed to participate on the Competition Team.

Competition Cheer

All athletes participating in Competition Cheer must be referred by the recreational cheer coach.  Northern Twistars Gymnastics is a proud member of the United States All Star Federation.  The squad works more advanced jumps, tumbling and stunting.  These skills are then set to choreography and performed as a group within the state or surrounding states at a variety of competitions. This athletic and fun program is a wonderful addition to our NTG family!


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